Student Survey

Sunset Ridge Middle School

Very Needed Needed Somewhat Needed Not Needed
Voicing my concerns and speaking up for myself with others. PS
Learning how to talk to an adult (teacher, counselor, administrator) at school. PS
Knowing what to do if I, or other students, in school are being bullied, mistreated, or are feeling lonely. PS
Knowing how to manage stress in a positive way without hurting myself or others. PS

Very Needed Needed Somewhat Needed Not Needed
Additional access to school counselors
Study Hall Class
Individual support time during class
Intervention Time (i.e. Advisory Period). It is a period of time during school hours when students are able to seek help from their teachers.
Before/after school access to teacher(s)

Very Valuable Valuable Somewhat Valuable Not Valuable
College/Career guidance information AL
Scholarship and financial aid AL
Stress management PC
Study skills and succeeding in school AL
Relationships with peers, parents, teachers PS
Self-esteem/self-confidence PS
ACT/SAT preparation AL
Suicide prevention PS
Internet safety PS

Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Goal setting for the future LC
Career planning on interests and abilities LC
Academic planning LC,AL
College application process LC
Information about types of colleges LC,AL
Information about applied technical schools AL
Scholarship or financial aid information AL
Makeup/recovery credit AL
Job-seeking and job-keeping skills LC
Transition information (i.e. elementary to junior high; junior high to high school; high school to college) LC

Very Needed Needed Somewhat Needed Not Needed
Interactions with other cultures and viewpoints
Respect for other cultures and viewpoints
Ability to stand up for others with different backgrounds
Recognize and defend human rights

Yes No I Don't Know
I am informed about the level of degrees I can earn in college (i.e. technical certifications, associate, bachelor, master, etc.).
I understand how to get information about different colleges and how to apply to them.
I have a good understanding of what post-secondary education will cost.
I have a plan in place to pay for the cost of college.